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Ennovation Vision Testing Eye Charts

Thanks for visiting Ennovation! We bring to you an effective set of vision testing charts. Our charts are used across North America by a large variety of medical institutes as well as individuals. Take a look at our products and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Cataract Detection Eye Chart
Just in! The newly patented Cataract Screening Eye Chart provides an easy and inexpensive way to screen for blurry vision disorders.
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Most popular
Pediatric Color Eye Chart
Our Pediatric Color Eye Chart continues to be a favorite of medical institutions and schools seeking a way to combine vision acuity testing and color vision screening.
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Ennovation eye charts are quick, inexpensive and effective screening exams for the detection of many common visual problems. Our charts are widely used by major medical institutions, schools and physicians nationwide!

Chart features:
  • Easy to administer and convenient.
  • Inexpensive but effective.
  • Carefully designed to maximize results.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Made from durable vinyl.
  • Great for personal screening as well!
Our charts are perfect for the following broad eye condition categories:
  • Cataracts and age-related blurring of vision.
  • Color-blindness and related weakness in perception of color.
  • Normal vision acuity problems.
Test for cataracts, visual acuity problems and color-blindness using our innovative patented charts.

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